Beginning the Year

Secondary Schools

Beyond #SaferInternetDay there’s a whole school year where online safety, citizenship and wellbeing are important.

We’re excited to announce the release of a resource (first of six) for secondary schools designed around rangatahi, inquiry, and activities that are fostered through a korero.

The focus is on the start-up of a year, and what’s needed to ensure everyone is on the ‘same page’ around rights and responsibilities in the use of digital devices at school and kura. 

The resource introduces the Harmful Digital Communications Act (NZ, 2015), along with activities to explore the legislation through a rights-based lens. 

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Digital Rights Framework

Research tells us what our young people need to develop the resilience, capabilities, and literacies to safely navigate the digital landscape and, foster positive wellbeing. 

We think these inform their Digital Rights, with a focus on developing knowledge of the online environment, acquiring digital skills, and fostering attitudes and values.

We’ve crafted these into a ‘Digital Rights’ Framework for each level. These resources are a powerful yet simple way of guiding educators to think about opportunities for their students from a ‘Rights’ perspective.

For further strategies for teaching and learning, resources , and scoping tools on what students already know, contact us  –  we’d love to work with you in your context, your community. 

Student Agency 

Critical Thinking – Investigating Online Challenges and Incidents

Empowering young people with skills to critically think about challenges and incidents they may encounter online, and actions they can take.

The tool can be used in a number of ways and is useful in exploring scenarios and looking at proactive and positive responses. 

Digital Fluency | Citizenship Online

The ‘what and how’ of teaching digital fluency and citizenship online. 

Explore the themes, accompanying inquiry questions, and resources.  See below for more.



DEVELOPED for educators and tailored to engage students, staff and whānau in conversations and inquiry that foster critical thinking, skills and knowledge, wellbeing aspects, and exploration of values and attitudes.

DESIGNED with Upper Primary and early Secondary in mind but can be adapted to support the context, interests, and learning inquiry of younger or older students. 

Themes, questions and resources promote UDL, and provide authentic pathways for learning. Plan the learning across the year (seven themes), or adapt to meet arising needs and interests. 

$35.00 (NZ) plus GST

The PDF resource explores key areas of learning based on research, to support young people in becoming capable, confident and caring global citizens online and offline.

Resources can be downloaded, printed, embedded into other online learning platforms, and adapted to suit needs. 

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Examples below

Relevant, engaging, intentional and inclusive. Fostering critical thinking, helping to develop skills and knowledge, encouraging self-review, and promoting positive and safe engagement online.  

Our Rights And Responsibilities Online

Within this one theme, six inquiry areas are offered for students to unpack rights and responsibilities and look into how these can empower and impact on their own live. 

 Supplementary Resource

For a deeper dive, links to additional online resources from leading global online safety organisations are suggested for each theme.  

 Self-Check Tool

Digital Tools and Online Spaces Used in Learning

This quick ‘at a glance’ tool helps to ensure our approach to the use of online sites and digital tools in our learning and teaching have safety and wellbeing in mind for all involved

 Safety And Wellbeing For All When Working And Learning Offsite

While working and learning takes place from our homes, it is important to consider the safety, privacy and wellbeing of staff and students as we engage online.

This pragmatic guidance provides key considerations around professional safety and practice, equity and the wellbeing of all.  

Cyber Chat  |  Staying Safe and Secure Online

Generation Online and Mindshift and have teamed up to bring you Cyber Chat, a series of short video chats. 

Designed with pragmatic ‘how to’ steps and information to support people, as new ways of working and communicating are happening and new risks are emerging.

For those parenting, three Cyber Chats are dedicated to key safety tips and resources, social media and gaming.

Click below for all episodes.