Designed by Anjela Webster M.Ed (Hons)

A fantastic resource developed for educators and tailored to engage students, staff and whānau in conversations and inquiry that foster critical thinking, skills and knowledge, wellbeing, and exploration of values and attitudes.

Designed with Upper Primary in mind but can be adapted to support the context, interests, and learning inquiry of younger or older students. 

Themes, questions and resources promote UDL, and provide authentic pathways for learning. Plan the learning across the year (seven themes), or adapt to meet needs and interests. 

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The PDF resource offers seven themes (28 pages) that explore key areas of learning based on research, to support young people in becoming capable, confident and caring as global citizens online and offline.

Resources can be downloaded, printed, used online, or adapted. Copyright applies. 


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PDF | 7 Themes (28 pages)

  • The Online Environment
  •  Safety and Security
  • Privacy, Trust, and Confidence
  • Our Rights and Responsibilities
  • Identity, Relationships, Self-Expression
  • Wellbeing, Empathy, Culture of Kindness
  • Our code, Our class – Citizenship Online
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Relevant, engaging, intentional and inclusive. Fostering critical thinking, helping to develop skills and knowledge, encouraging self-review, and promoting positive and safe engagement online.  

Our Rights And Responsibilities Online

Within this one theme, six inquiry areas are offered for students to unpack rights and responsibilities and look into how these can empower and impact on their own live. 

Free Supplementary Resource

For a deeper dive, links to additional online resources from leading global online safety organisations are provided for each theme.  

The Harmful Digital Communications Act 

Legislation passed in 2015 helps those in New Zealand who are experiencing serious or repeated harmful digital communications with pathways for redress.

Schools are named in the Act, and understanding specific responsibilities for schools and leader(s) is important. 

This resource also provides learning opportunities to unpack our rights and responsibilities online, and where we can get help if needed. 

Digital Fluency | Citizenship Online

The ‘what and how’ of teaching digital fluency and citizenship online. 

Explore the themes, accompanying inquiry questions, and resources. 


Digital Tools and Online Sites Used in Learning

Infographic Self-Check Tool

This quick ‘at a glance’ tool helps to ensure our approach to the use of online sites and digital tools in our learning and teaching have safety and wellbeing in mind for all involved


 Safety And Wellbeing For All When Working And Learning Offsite

While working and learning takes place from our homes, it is important to consider the safety, privacy and wellbeing of staff and students as we engage online.

This pragmatic guidance provides key considerations around professional safety and practice, equity and the wellbeing of all.  

Cyber Chat  |  Staying Safe and Secure Online

Generation Online and Mindshift and have teamed up to bring you Cyber Chat, a series of short video chats. 

Designed with pragmatic ‘how to’ steps and information to support people, as new ways of working and communicating are happening and new risks are emerging.

For those parenting, three Cyber Chats are dedicated to key safety tips and resources, social media and gaming.

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