We know that knowledge is a catalyst for change. Growing knowledge about the online space is critical to safety and security online, along with the digital skills and literacies to support these. Also, the importance of fostering values and attitudes that promote agency, dignity and empathy.

Workshops | Presentations | Consultation

Education Sector

The full range of services offered for schools and Kura, ECE,  communities and other groups, can be viewed in the PDF below.

Education Services | PDF
Organisations and Groups

Wellbeing and safety for staff is important, and involves having the knowledge and confidence to keep yourself safe online.

Organisations and Groups | PDF


Generation Online provides a range of services to organisations, leaders, staff, students, whānau, ECE, and other groups. Our services are tailored to your context, needs and interests and can be delivered face-to-face and online.   

Funding options may be available for schools and kura as we are an MoE Facilitator and are an associate to Digital Circus, and Cyclone Computers (NZ MoE PLD providers). 

For more information, email anjela@generationonline or complete our Contact Form.

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Consultation Services

Consultation services provide tailored and in-time support for your organisation . 

This may include but is not limited to:

  • reviewing or developing policies and User Agreements
  • looking at key legislation including the Harmful Digital Communications Act
  • developing  curriculum  around online safety and citizenship
  • managing online incidents
  • developing a positive ‘online’ culture around safety, citizenship and wellbeing
  • considerations around remote learning and teaching
  • effectively engaging with Whānau 

Consultancy can be delivered face-to-face or online. Generation Online does not provide legal advice and will always recommend legal advice is sought for enquiries where legal advice is desired.

Presentations | Workshops 

Sessions are tailored to the needs of any organisation or group and focus on what’s needed to foster wellbeing, safety, and confidence online. This includes for different groups:

  • building a culture of  safety and citizenship online and offline
  • understanding how to mitigate or manage online risks and potential harm
  • knowing what supports and help are available
  • fostering confidence and capabilities around the online space
  • a curriculum and resources 

Students | Digital Fluency | Literacies

Developing knowledge of the online environment, acquiring digital skills, and forming values and dispositions needed to thrive online are part of becoming ‘digitally fluent’.

Sessions may be run as a series, or a single session. Online learning is also provided. Sessions with students are designed with:

  • their age and stage in mind
  • a focus on online safety, rights and responsibilities
  • fostering concepts of wellbeing and citizenship 
  • knowing what to do in the face of challenges, risks and harm

Student Voice – Student Agency

Generation Online provides survey tools for gaining insights into students’ perspectives on their knowledge, skills and needs online. This can provide a valuable platform for building a positive online culture with students.


Some schools and kura may be eligible for funding under the MoE PLD model in alignment with national priorities for the Digital Fluencies strand in the DT and Hangarau Matihiko Curriculum.  Please enquire as Generation Online is an associate of Digital Circus and Cyclone Computers, both endorsed MoE providers.

For more information, you can email or send requests through our Contact Form.