Generation Online and Mindshift bring you a timely video series on looking after ourselves, our families, our devices and our information while we’re tucked away in our homes. 
Having confidence that our ‘online’ spaces and devices are safe is important at a time when challenges and risks are emerging online. 
Episode 1
Your Home Workspace
Melonie from Mindshift shares insights into safe and successful ways to set up your ‘home office’.
Episode 2 
Watch Out for Scams 
Melonie from Mindshift gives us a ‘heads-up’ on current scams and what to be looking out for at a time of opportunistic criminal activity online. 
Episode 3 
The Sanity Clause
Anjela from Generation Online shares about the positives of digital tech and online spaces, but highlights the challenges for families at a time when we’re tucked away in our bubbles.
Episode 4
Keeping Your Computer Secure 

Mike from Mindshift steps us through ways to ensure our computers are secure while working in the home environment.

Episode 5
Keeping Mobile Devices in Good Shape   

Melonie from Mindshift chats about ways to make sure your smartphones and mobile devices are secure and running as smoothly as possible. 

Episode 6

Mike from Mindshift takes us through key protection and safety aspects around the ‘doors, locks and chains’ aka passwords, of our important online work and content. 

Episode 7
Embrace the Game

Anjela from Generation Online chats to us about online gaming with a focus on five key things to think about re safety for children and young people.

Episode 8
Social Media – Connected and Safe

Social media is playing a key role in keeping Whānau and friends connected in complex times. Anjela from Generation Online unpacks five aspects about safety around social media if we’re caring for, or parenting young people.